Our Proud Heritage

Mercury Aviation LLC's History and Heritage

Mercury Air Group (Mercury Aviation Companies LLC) was founded in 1956 by three members of the legendary Flying Tigers. This elite group of World War II volunteer fighter pilots still holds the record as the world’s best aerial combat team. They did it through teamwork and by becoming an extended family. That same combination for success is what guides Mercury Aviation today. Our founders' focus on teamwork continue to guide Mercury’s core mission of service to the aviation industry.

Mercury Air Group (Mercury Aviation Companies LLC)  Sponsored 2009 AVG Flying Tiger Reunion

Mercury Air Group (Mercury Aviation Companies LLC) has sponsored the annual reunions of the pilots, crews and families of the American Volunteer Group (AVG) Flying Tigers for many years. While most of the pilots are no longer with us, we honor their families for the courageous service of those pilots and their crews before and during World War 2. Their bravery and spirit lives on at Mercury Aviation LLC.

Joseph A. Czyzyk, Chairman & CEO of Mercury Aviation LLC, was the guest of honor at the 2009 American Volunteer Group Flying Tiger Association Reunion held in Boston on July 3, 2009. Mercury Air Group (Mercury Aviation Companies LLC) was founded in 1956 by three members of the legendary AVG Flying Tigers and was a lead sponsor of the 2009 AVG Flying Tiger Reunion.

Donald J. Hoffman, Nancy Engle and Mercury's David Herbst

Thanking Mercury: (right to left) Frank Losonksy, President of the Flying Tiger Association and Crew Chief, 3rd Squadron thanks Joe Czyzyk, Chairman and CEO of Mercury Aviation LLC for Mercury Aviation LLC’s support of the 2009 AVG Flying Tiger Reunion held in Boston.

Ed Stiles, Jr., General Hoffman and David Herbst

Enjoying Tiger Time: (left to right) Charles Baisden (Armorer, 3rd Squadron); Frank Losonsky (Crew Chief, 3rd Squadron); Joe Czyzyk (Mercury Aviation LLC CEO); Joe Poshefko (Armorer, 3rd Squadron) and Robert Keeton (Flight Leader, 2nd Squadron) show off the Reunion Banner.


"It was a real honor to meet the Tigers and their family members. Mercury has a special bond with the AVG. While none of our founders are still alive today, their spirit lives on in our commitment to teamwork and integrity in all that we do. I was extremely moved by the stories that were shared during the Reunion Dinner. As a wartime veteran, I sat in amazement listening to Joe Poshefko and the other Tigers tell their combat stories . These guys were great aviation heroes in service to our country", said Czyzyk, adding, "While these are trying economic times for all of us, I felt it was extremely important for us to help sponsor this Reunion to honor the memory of our founders as well as all of the Tigers.”

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