Robert Lovejoy

Chief Information Officer

Robert Lovejoy

Robert has overseen Mercury Air Group’s information systems since he joined Mercury in 2009 as the Director of IT. Actively working to develop and enhance the company’s IT systems to streamline operations and provide a competitive edge through technology, he and his team have developed a collection of private and public web applications, and implemented many systems, including an electronic document management system, as well as ERP and other system upgrades.

With an inherent understanding of technologies of all kinds, Mr. Lovejoy has been programming computers since the third grade, and spent many years in the ‘IT trenches’ repairing computers and installing network circuits for a niche-market technology company he started while earning his Bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications from Michigan State University. Robert comes to Mercury from a brick and mortar retail operation with over fifty stores in the Los Angeles area where he was responsible for managing IT support and development for the company and its retail operations.

He is also a pilot, a musician, and an avid snowboarder in his free time.

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