American Airlines Cargo Selects G Force to be its GSA in Mexico

American Airlines Cargo Selects G Force to be its GSA in Mexico

Earlier this year, Mexico-based G Force, an affiliate of GSA Force, announced it had been selected by American Airlines Cargo to be its cargo general sales agent in Mexico. The contract was awarded in May and became effective July 1st, at which point G Force began operations in five cities in Mexico with 50 flights per day on average. 

American Airlines was the first international carrier flying to Mexico, having also celebrated its 75th year of operations in the country, according to Marcel Barjau, General Manager for G Force. “But in cargo, they were they were not as huge as they need to be,” he said. G force hired 20 people, splitting them between five cities - Mexico City, Guadalajara, Cancun, Monterey and Leon (Bajio) - establishing themselves as the biggest chain for cargo sales in the country, Barjau said.

“By selecting G Force, American Airlines—one of the world’s legacy carriers with a significant presence in Mexico—has sent a clear message that air cargo experience matters as does a relentless focus on customer service. G Force is honored to represent American and its vast global network,” said Joseph A. Czyzyk, Chairman and CEO of Mercury Air Group in a press release.

Barjau said he is pleased with the way operations are going thus far. “The support from the airline in this case is something I have never seen before,” he said, adding that an American representative has been on hand at every turn, and the company has provided training, travel, resources, and anything else necessary to get operations underway smoothly.

Since beginning operations, Barjau points to three ways that G Force has improved services for American Airlines. First, they were able to bring back large companies like DHL Global Forwarding, FedEx Supply Chain, Expeditors and Kehuene & Nagel who have not shipped with American in the last five years, as well as 15 new customers such as Able Freight, MAC Cargo and Schenker.

Second, G Force’s physical presence in cities other than Mexico City has enabled them to celebrate a growth of more than 20% in results, just in the first few months, Barjau said. And finally, Barjau points to the more than 20 years of industry experience that the management team brings to the operation, many of those years spent handling prestigious cargo and passenger airlines.

“Our goal is to position American among the top airlines flying into Mexico for the next year,” Barjau said.

75th Anniversary of American Airlines in Mexico:
From left to right: Xavier Ripoll (CCO Able Freight), Marcel Barjau (Managing Director , G Force), Doug Parker, Luis Bernal (General Director Fedex Trading Mexico & Brasil), Jose Terron (Air freight Head, Yusen Logistics), Claudia Marin (BD Manager DHL Global Forwarding), Fabiola Portes-Cruz (AA Regional Sales Manager Cargo), Michelle Rojo (Commercial Director, Universal Cargo) , Sandra Barba (CEO MAC & President of the Mexican Freight Forwarding Association) and Tere Barajas (BD Director, Kuehne & Nagel)


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