Apollo Freight Starts Construction on Nearly 16,000 SF Perishable Center in New 37,000 SF Warehouse

Apollo Freight Starts Construction on Nearly 16,000 SF Perishable Center in New 37,000 SF Warehouse

New Warehouse is in Addition to Existing On-Airport Warehouse Cooler Facilities

Los Angeles, CA (September 7, 2011): Apollo Freight, Inc., which has quickly become a leader in worldwide perishable logistics, has started construction on a state-of-the-art 15,663 square foot perishable center at an off-airport warehouse adjacent to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). A grand opening of the 37,000 square foot warehouse is slated for early October. The new facility is located at 5330 West 102nd Street in Los Angeles.

“Our expansion comes as we celebrate our second anniversary,” said Ivo Skorin, Vice President & Chief Operating Officer of Apollo Freight, adding, “Our customers will now benefit from our hands-on service both on-airport and off-airport at LAX. No other perishable logistics provider can offer that level of service.”

Apollo’s new 15,663 square foot perishable center includes:

  • Temperature controlled working, staging & cargo screening areas to ensure total cold chain protection;
  • Three individualized units to handle specific products at temperatures ranging from to 28 to 40 degrees;
  • Customized pre-cooler units for flowers;
  • Customized pre-cooler units for specific fruits and vegetables;
  • Customized high and low pressure misters;
  • One freezer;
  • 13 truck high loading positions.

“I am extremely proud of Apollo’s growth, strong customer relationships and talented employees. Signing up for this new facility makes perfect sense as we chart an aggressive course for Apollo Freight’s future,” said Joseph A. Czyzyk, Chairman & CEO of Mercury Air Group, Inc., parent company of Apollo Freight, Inc.

Apollo’s new warehouse will be bonded and USDA, APHIS and PPQ certified. The facility will also be a TSA certified cargo screening facility. Food safety standards will be certified by Primuslabs.

Apollo will also offer inventory management, order processing, quality inspections, repacking and distribution as well as its sea-air program, picking up ocean containers from the Ports of Los Angeles/Long Beach and de-containerizing contents for airfreight services to final destination.

Apollo Freight will continue to offer services for perishables in transit between airlines through Mercury Air Cargo’s on-airport 12,700 square foot perishable center located on LAX. Mercury operates the largest on-airport refrigeration unit on the West Coast.

“Our team has decades of perishable experience from working directly with growers, buyers and shippers. We have earned a reputation for getting perishables to market on time and in beautiful condition. Our expansion is testimony to our growth and success,” said Skorin, a 15 year veteran of air cargo and the former Director of West Coast operations for LAN Cargo Airlines.

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