Carole Runne’s Successful Career at Mercury

Carole Runne’s Successful Career at Mercury

Carole RunneCarole Runne-Burdick, started working on July 20,1981 as Manager of Sales/Supply/Distribution.  During these 42 years, Carole has built strong relationships in the aviation and transportation industries, as well as building a reputation for being reliable and trustworthy to work with, which is an important factor to her.

“I have had some of the same customers for many years – they are loyal and like good friends.  It is important to me that they know that I make the best effort to take care of their needs, first and foremost,” says Carole. 

Her job always keeps her busy and on her toes.

“The most difficult times are when our suppliers have fuel outages, and our customers/inventories still need fuel. You must be very creative during these times in order to take care of your normal business operations – somehow, we always come through, maybe with a few more gray hairs!”

When Carole first started with Mercury, her primary background was in asphalt production, sales, and distribution. 

“I knew nothing about the aviation business but was able to learn quickly with a little help from a previous boss.”

Since that first day, she established working with major oil companies, resellers, and transportation companies.  She also handles MercFuel inventory locations in the Western states. 

“I am very loyal to transportation companies and choose carefully who to work with, as they play an important part in representing our company. The end user of the fuel delivery only sees the transportation company and not the Mercury representative.” 

After so many years, Carole appreciates the responsibility, support, and trust that she has with Mercfuel. 

“Mercury is like a family – the door is always open to talk with Joe when you need him, and Rosie is always there to help when she can, too. We work as a team at Mercury – many of Mercury’s employees also have long tenure with the company, and that tells you a lot right there!!”

Carole is just as passionate about what she does in her spare time – golfing, (when the back allows it), decorating for every holiday, crafts, cooking, having themed parties, listening to music and watching a good “chick flick”.  She is an ardent fan of the New York Yankees and the Utah Utes college football team.  What she loves best is spending time with her family, friends and the dog and cat.

“To me, family and friends are what makes the world a better place”.

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