Clive Langeveldt Comes Full Circle

Clive Langeveldt Comes Full Circle

CliveAlmost 30 years after Clive Langeveldt met Joe Czyzyk in New York City and began working for Mercury Aviation LLC, his career has taken him down a circular path where he finds himself happily working with Mercury Aviation LLC leaders again.

Clive moved to New York in 1994 from South Africa, working as Cargo Manager Americas for South African Airways, and he stayed in contact with Joe whom he met just one month after arriving. When the airline closed their international cargo offices five years later, Clive quickly went to work with Joe at Mercury Air Cargo. During this time as Vice-President, he assisted in gaining Mercury Air Cargo’s contract with South African Airways. He then was asked to move to Los Angeles to run Mercury’s subsidiary GSSA company, Hermes Aviation.

“Working for Joe was a valuable experience.  Placing his trust in his leadership, Joe allowed us to run the business as we thought fit, intervening only with guidance and suggestions based on his own experience. This helped all of us grow as individuals, and Joe set a great example for us, both personally and professionally,” says Clive.

When Hermes Aviation was acquired, Clive eventually branched out and formed two companies. He is now CEO/COO of Dalaire Consulting, Inc.and Dalaire Aviation, LLC where he provides air cargo GSSA representation and airfreight consulting services. Clive tells a delightful story of how the name came about. Back in the day, he needed an AOL email address and used the names of his two daughters – Dale and Claire ( When it was time to name his company, he stuck with the name.

In 2022, he met with Felipe Kaplan and Max Vicente, leaders of Mercury’s subsidiary GSA Force. At the time, Clive’s company had a contract with El Al Israel airlines, and he decided to appoint GSA Force as his subagent selling to the freight forwarding community in Florida. Afterward, Felipe and Max expressed a desire that Clive come work with them, either as an employee or consultant.

“I would have loved to go back with Joe, Felipe, Max, and the rest of the staff at Mercury but at this point in my career I prefer to work as a consultant.”

So, they entered into a consulting agreement in February 2023. Clive is helping introduce them to airlines with whom they may not have any relationship. They have approached numerous airlines over the past few months and held fruitful conversations.

“Going back to the days when Mercury’s sub Hermes Aviation was a general sales agent for South African Airways, and on his advice, a last minute flight from Sau Paulo to Johannesburg solidified that special relationship and the many successful years with Clive inside Mercury, our history together goes back a long ways. Clive is, and always will be, my colleague and good friend,” says Joe Czyzyk.

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