Complying with Executive Order 14042

Complying with Executive Order 14042

With President Biden’s Executive Order on September 9, 2021 requiring all federal employees to receive the COVID-19 vaccination, Maytag Aircraft Corporation’s President and Chief Operating Officer David Nelson is preparing for implementation and impacts from the order. All federal government contractors, such as Maytag, need to comply with the Executive Order.

“We’ve started by polling all personnel in our U.S. locations about their vaccination status. A substantial percentage have been vaccinated. Through this polling, we are determining the small percentage of personnel who prefer to sacrifice their job to remain unvaccinated. This provides a sense of which jobs will need to be filled down the line,” says Nelson.

The expected number of replacements is small; however, some could be hard to fill positions.

Nelson is also working with the unions and their specific agreements, which do include clauses requiring compliance with all federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

“As we look toward the effects of the Executive Order, we know our operations won’t be impacted. However, we could lose good personnel and we’re preparing for replacements.”

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