Creating an Easier Way to Pay for Aviation Services on the Road

Creating an Easier Way to Pay for Aviation Services on the Road

Mercury Aviation ServicesRonnie Powell and Steven Anderson of Mercury Aviation Services are excited to let their FBO partners and customers know about a new payment solution that makes general aviation transactions convenient and simple to process. Mercury Aviation Services works closely with Mercury Fuels to provide payment options for FBOs and aircraft operators.

Steven describes the payment solution as a virtual credit card program. When the customer places an order for fuel, the fuel release provides the FBO with the card number, CVC, and expiration date.  The virtual card program operates on the Mastercard network and is accepted virtually everywhere.

“Many aviation payment solutions have closed loop networks with contracted fuel programs only accepted at certain locations. Our premise for using a virtual credit card payment solution was to create an easier way to transact with FBOs,” says Ronnie.

Mercury FuelsMercury Fuels began this process six months ago by using an existing Mercury company – Mercury Aviation Services – for the payment processing solution, so that they could branch out and provide other strategic aviation services rather than just fuel. The objective with this transformation is to broaden its scope and reach.

According to Ronnie, “Our mission right now is to improve and release a new mobile app. The app will have portals for both customers and FBOs.  Customers will have increased flexibility to procure more aviation services which they can pay for when on a trip.”

Mercury Aviation Services also plans to introduce a rewards program.

“We want to make it the most generous and robust rewards program in the industry,” says Steven. He adds, “It’s important to Mercury Aviation Services that we continue to engage our partner FBOs.  Strong relationships with FBOs are the key to our success, and Mercury Aviation Services is ready and willing to work on their terms.”

“Global acceptance is our tagline,” asserts Ronnie.



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