Employee Spotlight: Soraya Mokbel, Senior Accounting Manager

Employee Spotlight: Soraya Mokbel, Senior Accounting Manager

SorayaSince starting as an Accounts Manager with MercFuel in 2002, Soraya Mokbel has felt that the company is a family. That’s due to support from the management team and working with an accounting and billing team that has been part of the company for as many years as she has.

“MercFuel is not just my place of employment; it is a pivotal part of my family life. When I started working with MercFuel, my two sons were little in elementary school, and now they have graduated college and are leading successful lifes,” says Soraya.

Since being promoted to Senior Accounting Manager in 2018, Soraya is in charge managing the accounting and billing staff, a total of seven people. The day can be hectic, starting out with paying the vendors and then focusing on issue that arise with billing and vendors.

But all goes smoothly working with her team. She’s worked with most of them since she began, and the newest employee started about 15 years ago!

“I really enjoy everyone I work with. People think that being an accountant is just working with numbers, but the reality is that to work the numbers successfully, you must be supported by a professional team.”

Fresh from college as an accountant Soraya began working for a CPA firm in Beverly Hills where she built the foundation of her accounting career. Later, she moved on as an accounting supervisor for a hospital until it was sold and moved their corporate offices. She decided to change accounting industry and was hired by MercFuel.

“The change of the accounting industry from healthcare to aviation was challenging but the MercFuel controller gave me a chance and I immediately loved it.  I wouldn’t have made it without the entire management team led by Joe.”

In her spare time, she enjoys watching soccer and hockey with her family and friends.

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