Exciting Growth Domestically and Internationally

Exciting Growth Domestically and Internationally

GSA Force LogoMatias Montenegro started with GSA Force as Commercial Director four months ago and has seen exciting growth in their partnership shipping cargo with JetBlue. Originally from Chile, he met GSA Force leaders Felipe Kaplan and Maximiliano Vicente over four years ago and is thrilled to join the company. Based in Miami, he works on four main projects, one of them the successful JetBlue project.

Starting two years ago , GSA Force began talks with Jetblue – who had stopped moving cargo in 2015 – to buy their unused cargo space.

From that one route to San Juan moving approximately 40 tons per month, the partnership has grown exponentially as JetBlue has observed how well they can depend upon GSA Force to deliver on time with exceptional service.

In 2019, the company experienced the first tipping point, according to Montenegro.

“JetBlue was happy with how well the flights from Ft. Lauderdale to San Juan went, so we expanded coast-to-coast. By the end of 2020, we were moving 400 tons per month. COVID had shut down passenger demands, so JetBlue gave a special focus to the cargo business.”

Early 2021, GSA Force reached the second tipping point by opening up internationally at two airports, which increased the amount of cargo shipped to 700 tons per month.

“This was really good for us. For example, Dominican Republic had a lot of perishable products which were hard to move given how little cargo space was available. Our solution by working with JetBlue was perfect for the moment.”

Next on the horizon is expanding to Peru, Columbia, and Ecuador. Given that passenger flights are still not traveling to South America, Montenegro sees that there will be full cargo flights. After talks with clients, he sees that all available space is sold and predicts that by August, GSA Force will be moving 1,000 tons per month.

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