Forty-three Year Anniversary for Mercury Fuels

Forty-three Year Anniversary for Mercury Fuels

Mercury FuelsMercury Fuels proudly celebrates 43 years of supplying fuel to hundreds of commercial airlines, the U.S. Government, and private aviation over the years.  We have supplied domestic and international airlines for that many years and, with our growth over the last 10 years in supply to airlines from Asia, we remain an important provider to the airline industry, especially in these days of limited availability and high prices.  We have always sought out the best possible cost and financial arrangement for our airline customers, and their loyalty has responded. 

Our private aviation growth (Corporate Fuels) continues with another significant annual exclusive fuel supply appointment by NetJets in the Caribbean.

“We began providing jet fuel to the airline industry in a very humble manner 43 years ago,” said Joseph Czyzyk, Mercury’s CEO.  “During the oil embargo in 1979, some of Mercury’s ramp services customers approached us asking if Mercury could find a way to supply some jetfuel, since the major oil companies were running short at LAX and SFO during that time. To accommodate our important customers, we began arranging truck deliveries from Midwestern oil companies, more than 2,000 miles away with hundreds of tanker truck deliveries every month.  At the time, our intent was just to help out our customers. We had never intended to be in that major oil company dominated business, so here we are now, 43 years later, providing jetfuel to the aviation industry.”

Happy 43rd Jetfuel Anniversay.

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