G Force Celebrates Steady Growth

G Force Celebrates Steady Growth

Mexico-based G Force S.A., a subsidiary of Mercury Airline Sales, has begun working with Spain-based AD Cargo to book and sell cargo on a flight to Liege, Belgium. The contract began in September 2017. “The numbers have been great:  we have 80% load factor, and we saw a return of investment within three months,” said Marcel Barjau, the General Manager for G Force.

They began with one flight per week, but they will expand the service in August to three flights per week, and it will include stops in New York (JFK) and Miami, and also to Bogota, Colombia. In October, they will go to five flights per week, stopping in each country. “All of them start in Zaragoza, Spain, and all of them will go back to Belgium he said.

“it is going very well,” Barjau said. “It has become, not our full business, but an important new product in the market because we do a lot of things in conjunction with AD cargo in Spain, so it's a different way to promote inside them when you try to sell it, with the owners quoting the space.”

G Force is in the process of renewing the annual contract with AD Cargo.

Barjau said that G Force also works frequently with Interjet, the second largest airline in Mexico, helping to grow their cargo presence. “There are a lot of possibilities to do business and to position the brand in some destinations that they don’t have a presence with cargo, mainly in Europe” he said.

One thing they are working on with Interjet, Barjau said, is to propose new business agreements with other airlines that have larger flight capacities. The agreement would allow the larger flights to place Interjet’s airway bill onto those aircrafts, while giving Interjet a new type of cargo business.

Finally, Barjau is pleased to report that legacy carrier American Airlines awarded G Force with a Topseller prize for helping the regions of Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean to achieve their numbers in the first quarter of 2018.

“We are developing new business with American Airlines - certain destinations that they didn't have as a selling point like Cancun or Guadalajara,” he said. “So, the business is growing in a good way, and there are new clients as DHL Global Forwarding, Greensky, Kuehne Nagel and MAC that are coming to use the service,” he said.

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