G Force Provides Expertise in Mexico

G Force Provides Expertise in Mexico

Mexico-based G Force, an affiliate of GSA Force, provides high-quality services for airlines in that country which don’t provide their own. The company fills a needed gap, according to Margaretha Laseen, Director of Commercial Development for Mercury Air Group.

“We are extending our arm into Mexico and providing the industry the knowledge they need to succeed in Mexico,” says Laseen. “We are proud of the expertise and transparency we bring.”

An example is their contract with American Airlines to be its cargo general sales agent in Mexico. G Force “is American Airlines in Mexico.” G Force staff answers the phone “American Airlines” and conducts negotiations and services that need to be done by that airline as a full partner. The partnership is going well, according to Laseen.

“The fact that the airline allows us to identify as American Airlines demonstrates our success. The brand is important to it, so they would not allow us to do so if we weren’t representing the company well,” says Laseen.

Relationships are important, says Priscila Colin, General Manager of G Force. “Due to our strong relationships in the industry and knowing the people and market in Mexico, we have brought in new customers and commodities for American Airlines,” states Colin.

Laseen explains further, “Due to Mercury Air Group’s size, and opportunities to provide other services with our sister companies such as handling, we can reach other areas beyond Mexico and give the airlines the opportunities they normally wouldn’t have.”

G Force is definitely looking to add new customers to their portfolio. Those contracts would have a similar set up as the one with American Airlines and same transparency, but would be tailored for what each customer wants. They plan to sell their knowledge and experience broadly in Mexico and throughout South America.

“Our success lies in our relationships, commitment to transparency, and expertise in the language and business culture in Mexico and South America,” says Laseen and Colin.

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