G Force Rolls out New Operations Platform

G Force Rolls out New Operations Platform

Margaretha Laseen is pleased with the progress G Force, has made with the partnership with American Airlines to be its cargo general sales agent in Mexico. According to Laseen, Director of Commercial Development for Mercury Air Group, American Airlines Cargo is becoming more and more established in Mexico.

She’s excited about the new platform rolled out by American Airlines on October 1, I-Cargo. This world-wide platform is used both externally and internally.

“It’s a new era for American Airlines Cargo. This platform represents a big change for both customers and staff. It is unique in that it houses all operations, such as accounting and booking, says Laseen.

Now, the customers actively participate, booking their own cargo. The customer goes on-line and generates an e-booking.

“This makes it more efficient for G Force staff, American Airlines, and the customer. It has been a lot of work, and we’re hearing from customers that they like the new platform,” states Laseen.

G Force General Manager Priscila Colin is responsible for the operations in Mexico and has participated in trainings for the platform in Miami, while other staff have attended trainings in Mexico. Customers have attended trainings as well.

Laseen is confident that with the successful establishment of the partnership with American Airlines, G Force will bring in even more customers. They are in conversations now with other airlines.

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