Grace Martinez's 28 Years with Mercury Aviation LLC

Grace Martinez's 28 Years with Mercury Aviation LLC

GraceMercury Aviation LLC’s Treasury Manager Grace Martinez has been with the company for 28 years.  It has become a second home to her.

“Mercury is like a family. I greatly appreciate my co-workers and the leadership, and since most of us have been here such a long time, it’s like a home.”

Grace is responsible for maintaining the company’s daily cashflow position, working closely with the company’s principal lenders. Understanding the cash flow position is important to provide a clear picture of the company’s ability to meet its current financial obligations.

Her interactions with Corporate Controller Kathy Caplinger and CFO Lawrence Samuels have provided opportunities to achieve cross functional skills.

“Both Kathy and Lawrence have been great mentors!”

Prior to joining Mercury Aviation LLC, Grace was in the dental field for six years. Wanting a change of careers, she became part of the Mercury family in accounts receivables in 1995.

Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her family; often getting her parents and siblings together for barbecues and luncheons. Grace has a daughter and a son who both have graduated from colleges. She likes outdoors hiking in the LA forest and Mount Baldy. And she’s hiked Mount Whitney twice! Grace is also a long distance runner having competed in the L.A. Marathon.

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