GSA Force Expanding in Major Cities

GSA Force Expanding in Major Cities

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GSA Force’s founding partners Felipe Kaplan and Maximiliano Vicente are thrilled with the growth of the company and expect even more growth in the future, despite the impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Recently GSA Force entered into a contract with Norwegian Airlines at JFK Airport. According to Kaplan, Norwegian Airlines has the largest amount of flights from the U.S. than any non-U.S. airline in the country, so he is quite pleased to be offering GSA Force’s services to them.

“They operate 45-53 flights per week from JFK to London, Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, Rome, and other major European cities. This is the first European carrier we’ve contracted with here in the U.S. and we are thrilled to be working with them,” says Kaplan.

In addition, GSA Force expanded their contract with JetBlue Airlines as the airline opened up a new station for cargo in New York and will be opening one at LAX in February. These new station are in addition to current contracts in Fort Lauderdale and San Juan, Puerto Rico. GSA Force has worked with Cathay Pacific in South America since 2015 and now has expanded with a contract in Mexico. The airline flies five 747 freighters per week from Mexico City and Guadalajara to Hong Kong, and from there connecting to other Asian cities. Cathay Pacific Cargo is the largest Asian carrier in the world.

According to Kaplan, “This is going to be a great complement to what we are doing with Cathay Pacific currently in South America and Asia.” Two other contracts include the UPS cargo division in Mexico City with five 767 flights to Louisville per week, with connections to major U.S. and European cities, and with the Brazilian airline Azul.

“We had a good 2019 in spite of the market instability and the trade war between China and the U.S. We expect to do even better this year,” says Kaplan. He credits their success to the great quality of the airlines they represent, combined with GSA Force’s knowledge, expertise, and wide network of offices.

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