Hellmann Perishable Logistics Partners With Apollo Freight, Inc.

Hellmann Perishable Logistics Partners With Apollo Freight, Inc.

Los Angeles, CA. (October 26, 2012): Hellmann Perishable Logistics (HPL), one of the only truly global powerhouses in the Perishables Logistics Industry, a division of Hellmann Worldwide Logistics has partnered with Apollo Freight, Inc., a subsidiary of Mercury Air Group, Inc. The newly formed company, HPL-Apollo, LLC, will benefit from controlling significant cooler handling operations in both Miami and Los Angeles, America's two top perishable gateways.

Hellmann Perishable Logistics and Mercury Air Group have an extensive history in logistics. Hellmann, founded in 1871 by Carl Heinrich Hellmann, has grown to become a top global logistics provider with an active network in 157 countries. Mercury, founded in 1956 by three former flying aces from the legendary AVG Flying Tigers, provides jet fuel to airlines around the globe as well as cargo and U.S. government contracting services both domestically and internationally.

"Our initial focus will be to expand Apollo's perishables business on the West Coast and also provide HPL's global customers with the benefit of having a world class cold storage facility in the LAX market." said Roger Haeussler, Global Chief Operating Officer & CEO of the Americas for Hellmann Worldwide Logistics.

In November of last year, Apollo opened a state-of-the-art 15,663-square-foot cold storage facility as part of a new 37,000-square-foot off-airport warehouse at LAX. This new facility, in conjunction with a similar on-airport refrigeration warehouse operated by Mercury, makes Mercury LAX's largest perishable cargo handler.

"I am very proud that Apollo has become a player worthy of partnering with Hellmann. By partnering together for greater growth, HPL-Apollo will set a new standard for perishable logistics and become a perishable powerhouse on the West Coast and worldwide," said Joseph A. Czyzyk, Chairman & CEO of Mercury Air Group, Inc.

About Hellmann Worldwide Logistics

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics operates from 443 offices, in 157 countries, and has over 19,300 dedicated employees to serve our customers worldwide. As one of the worlds largest privately and family owned logistics providers, in operation since 1871, Hellmann provides a full array of services including Air, Sea, Domestic Transportation, Customs Brokerage, Contract Logistics, and many other Value Added Services.

Following the principle of thinking Ahead ¨Moving Forward’ it is Hellmann's goal to provide tailored solutions to meet the ever-changing needs and expectations of the industry and our customers.

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