HPL-Apollo’s Exciting Growth

HPL-Apollo’s Exciting Growth

HPL-Apollo LogoHPL-Apollo started business in 2009 mainly transporting flowers, fruits, and vegetables to and from Los Angeles. While maintaining its focus on transport and supply chain solutions for time sensitive and temperature-controlled products, HPL-Apollo continues to constantly expand services to other products such as dairy, protein, live lobsters, live shrimp, and pharmaceuticals.

Over the years, it added branches in San Francisco and Miami. The Miami facility started operating in 2018. On August 14, 2019, for the company’s 10th anniversary, the Mayor and Vice Mayor from the City of Doral, Florida presented HPL-Apollo a congratulatory certificate.  

Prior to the award presentation, Vice-Mayor Claudia Mariaca toured HPL-Apollo’s facility. After the tour, she tweeted, “I was honored to visit HPL-Apollo celebrating their 10 Year Anniversary in Doral! HPL-Apollo is a joint venture between Apollo Freight, a subsidiary of Mercury Air Group, and Hellmann Worldwide Logistics. Congratulations!”

With added-value services such as a free-trade zone in Miami, a customs brokerage division, and new technologies for customers to manage their shipments, HPL-Apollo continues to set itself apart from other services.

HPL-Apollo’s customs brokerage license has been upgraded to nationwide status this year! This division adds simplicity to customers operations as they only have to work with one company.

“We are able to get the shipments cleared with all necessary CBP agencies, pick up from the airlines using our reefer trucks, do all the necessary handling in our temperature-controlled rooms, and deliver the products to the final point in great condition” says Gerardo Pinedo, Logistics Manager at HPL-Apollo in Los Angeles.


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