Impressive Systems in Place to Protect Employee Health

Impressive Systems in Place to Protect Employee Health

According to Mercury Air Group’s CEO Joe Czyzyk, the company has performed well under the impact of COVID and is pleased with its record of keeping the company’s workforce safe and healthy.

“I am glad to say that in our employee base of over 1,200 people, we have seen few hospitalizations and lower than typical case rates for the industry.”

Due to the company’s emphasis on strictly following protocols, the Los Angeles Department of Health noted that Mercury Air Group has performed remarkably well.

Upon visiting facilities to see how they could provide assistance during an outbreak, the Department of Health stated they “were very impressed by the systems we had in place,” says Carolina Gutierrez, Vice President of Administrative Services.

Those systems included the facility entry screening and how employees’ temperatures were taken  through an infrared camera and the two-way communication command center used to ensure the screening process was completed  by each employee before they were cleared to enter the facility.

Carolina says the Department of Health inquired on the vendor’s information as a resource they may provide to assist other companies.

As of March 2021, staff in the corporate office remain working remotely and Joe expects this to change in the next few months. When it does, the company will follow all reopening protocols put into place by the Department of Health.

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