Joe Czyzyk Presented City of Angels Award for Achievements as "Change Agent" in Los Angeles

Joe Czyzyk Presented City of Angels Award for Achievements as "Change Agent" in Los Angeles

The City of Angels Awards Gala is held each year to honor individuals and companies who have done something extraordinary to enhance our Los Angeles region. Recipients for this award are selected based on their contributions to making Los Angeles a better place and are nominated by a committee.=

According to the LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce, this year's 2019 honorees – Mercury Air Group Chairman & CEO Joseph A. Czyzyk, Los Angeles City Council Mike Bonin and Inglewood Mayor James Butts -- are beyond impressive, demonstrating passion, vision, and tremendous leadership with a strong drive for change.

Introduction of Joe Czyzyk by Liz Hall, Immediate Past Chairman of the Board of the LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce

Joe Czyzyk has been a pillar in our community and in aviation for over 30 years. 

If you’ve ever been to Joe’s office, you’ll notice the admiration Joe has for Ronald Reagan - his office is filled with pictures and memorabilia of the former president.  Ronald Reagan once said that the greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things – he is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things.   

Joe demonstrates this kind of leadership.  He brings out the best in people so they can help create solutions.  His leadership is a balance of the legacy of the past, working with the best people to create solutions in the present, to lead and be successful in the future.  Even if those solutions mean change – in 2006 after nearly 30 years on the American Stock Exchange, Joe led the privatization of Mercury Air Group.

However, with all the causes Joe cares about, volunteers for and contributes to, It was most evident to me that the one thing that stands out is his care for and passion for the people of these organizations – employees, veterans and community members.  A show of just what kind of leader he is, is the number of his employees who are here celebrating him tonight.

In Joe’s spare time – to have fun – he fly fishes.  Now my experience with fly fishing is small – none – unless you count the number of times I have watched a “River Runs Through It” and the conversation Joe and I had about it.  So, Joe, I’ll take your word that it’s fun and try it the next time I have an opportunity.

It is long overdue but it is my pleasure to invite Joe Czyzyk up to receive the City of Angels honor.

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