Maggie Abrego Shares Her Recipe for Success

Maggie Abrego Shares Her Recipe for Success

Maggie Abrego had spent time doing administrative work in smaller, family-operated companies, but in late 2015, she wanted to find something more stable.

“When you work in a [small] company like that, everything is rather limited, so I was looking for something bigger - something strong and stable, and I found that in Mercury,” she said.

In January 2016, Maggie joined the Mercury family as the Benefits Coordinator for Mercury Air Group. Among her duties, Maggie handles the 401K, life insurance, and the medical and dental benefits for Mercury’s employees. She also maintains the leave of absence, while assisting with the Worker’s Compensation files.

“I like what I do, how I help people,” she said.  “Every day people have questions, about their insurance, doctors, what benefits do we offer, what is the best plan for them, and I just walk them through, and offer my knowledge and expertise. I help them find solutions or a new provider, or maybe roll over funds they have in a previous 401K… I just like the fact that I'm helping,” Maggie said.

Maggie said the welcoming work environment is another part of what makes her love her job.

“There's always a friendly face, the atmosphere just feels warm when you walk in; that makes a difference when you come in and are ready to tackle your day. You feel you are in a team, and you’re surrounded by friends,” she said.

“Everyone is so professional - they're there if you need help - or they’ll give you a simple smile throughout the day. It's just very comfortable, and I like that feeling,” she said.

Her skills in navigating the complex and ever-changing world of benefits have not gone unnoticed.

“She’s exceptionally good at what she does,” said Mercury Chairman & Chief Executive Officer Joe Czyzyk.

He pointed to several new labor laws in California (where Mercury employs more than 900 people) that have changed since the November 2016 elections. The new laws touch on a wide range of issues regarding employment - minimum wage requirements, employer benefit requirements, changes to employee applications, or employee time off – and Joe says Maggie has done well in keeping the company up to date with the changes.

“She’s done a great job in that regard,” he said.

Dedication and organization also serve Maggie well in her time outside of the office, where she maintains a very full plate. In addition to her full-time job with Mercury, she is also mother to three teenage boys and a full-time student at Long Beach City College, with plans to transfer to Cal State Long Beach University in 2018. She is pursuing a degree in business administration, with an emphasis in human relations management.

How does she juggle school and work and kids?

“You just have to be really organized, and really want it,” she said. “I think it's a good example for my boys: If you really want something, you just make time for it.”

“If they see me being able to work, put the extra effort, and go the extra mile, anything is possible,” Maggie said. “I feel I’m sharing a recipe for success.”

Besides school, work, and caring for her family, Maggie likes to kick back with a warm cup of coffee and a good book when she can. She also likes to stay active: she enjoys yoga, pilates, and kayaking and paddling in the summer.

“I like to stay pretty active - I feel that’s a good way to stay healthy, and balance things out,” she said.


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