Meeting Customers’ Needs in a Dynamic Environment

Meeting Customers’ Needs in a Dynamic Environment

During the past few months,   Mercury Air Cargo staff has stepped up to meet increasing needs arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. According to President and Chief Operating Officer John Peery, “Tonnage has been extraordinary; growing from 42 million kilos per month to over 50 million kilos per month.” The company typically handled cargo from one to two freighters per week and now it’s handling cargo from 12-15 freighters.

Peery says, “When there was a large increase in cargo in April due to flights bringing in PPE, we thought it was a flash in the pan. However, what we are experiencing is what were previous commercial flights arriving with no passengers with increased amounts of cargo.”

Mercury Air Cargo is expanding to meet this need by entering into a new lease agreement at LAX. They are refurbishing a 60,000 square foot old building for the purpose of handling imports. With confidence that the economy will continue to be based on consumers’ desires for imports, Peery plans to keep up with that demand in the new building in order better handle exports as well.

Mercury Air staff have done an outstanding job in dealing with these changing times. It’s a more dynamic environment as these freighters leave when they are full and arrive on their own schedule. This throws a wrench into scheduling staff – it’s more on as needed basis. This is at the same time staff are managing new family dynamics.  Peery is proud that Mercury Air Cargo keeps everyone employed and that they above the typical staffing level for this time of year.

“We need flexibility with staffing, but as a company, we bend to the needs of the family first,” says Peery.


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