Mercury Air Cargo Creates a Better Way

Mercury Air Cargo Creates a Better Way

Mercury Air Cargo has made significant changes to cargo handling processes; changes that have been of great benefit during COVID-19 regulations. These changes promise smoother and quicker handling for the customers in our five LAX terminals, according to Margaretha Laseen, Director of Commercial Development for Mercury Air Group.

The new programs started before the pandemic hit, beginning with a new reservation program.

When shipment arrives from outside the U.S., it must go through customs and the cargo cannot be picked up from the Mercury cargo terminals until it has been cleared. This means there are two processes involved, government and airline. Mercury Air Cargo entered into an agreement and cooperation two years ago with Cargo Sprint to create a payment program where the broker or consignee can pay on line before picking up the cargo, ensuring the process is more seamless.

Laseen says, “In addition, we realized the actual handling process could be developed this way as well. We created SprintPass with Cargo Sprint.”

With SprintPass, the customer can make a reservation when they want to pick up or drop off cargo.

“This is a completely new concept and process in our industry.”

SprintPass will eliminate large numbers of people at the counter waiting, important during COVID-19. Staff time is better spent and customers can plan their day better and decrease the wait time.

At the front, a concierge guides customers where to go when checking in. The customer then goes to a kiosk which will show what to do with the reservation. Drivers can put in their mobile numbers while checking in. This allows them to wait in their vehicle and effectively apply social distancing until they are ready to be processed.

If the customer has no reservation, she or he waits outside until texted or called.

Once all paperwork is done, the customer is assigned a warehouse door for pick up or dropping off.

“We are in the initial stage,” says Laseen. “Some of our customers have really gained from the new process as it’s proven to work and be beneficial.”

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