Mercury Air Group Celebrates 2017 Success Both On & Off Duty

Mercury Air Group Celebrates 2017 Success Both On & Off Duty

From the parent company perspective, 2017 was a good year for Mercury Air Group. According to Chairman & CEO of Mercury Air Group Joe Czyzyk, every Mercury company made significant contributions in 2017.  While it was a year of high expenses, never the less, the company did show an operating profit, he said.

Some of the highlights include MercFuel developing new relationships with new airlines in Asia, and growing its business significantly with FBOs in the U.S. Also, Maytag had their best year in five years financially, as well as procuring a record number of new contracts.

In addition to its corporate activity, Mercury Air Group, through Czyzyk, celebrated success in other areas outside of the company in 2017.  Czyzyk is the Chairman of the Board of Directors for U.S. Vets, a national, non-profit organization that provides housing, employment and counseling services to veterans.

According to Czyzyk, the organization assists 5,500 veterans and their families at 21 locations around the U.S., and in 2017, they were able to add new locations – two in California, one in Arizona and one in Las Vegas – to help serve veterans.  

“We had our most successful year ever in housing more veterans than ever before and providing added facilities throughout the U.S.,” Czyzyk said, adding, “USVETS continues to grow as the needs of those that have served their country grows but we have more veterans today with difficulties transitioning to civilian life, homeless and in need of counseling and support than ever before.  Being a Navy Seabees veteran of the Vietnam era, I learned much about comradery and looking out for each other on the front lines.  Those responsibilities continue to this day at Mercury by prioritizing the hiring of veterans and in my personal life through USVETS.”

Czyzyk along with the Mercury Air Group family look forward to celebrating further successes in 2018.


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