Mercury Fuels Announces the Launch of Mercury Fuels Mastercard

Mercury Fuels Announces the Launch of Mercury Fuels Mastercard

Mercury FuelsHouston, TX – Mercury Fuels is excited to announce the launch of its new Mercury Fuels Mastercard, an aviation charge card that will allow customers to easily and conveniently make fuel and flight-related purchases everywhere that Mastercard is accepted.

Whereas most credit card programs are not accepted at all aviation service providers, Mercury Fuels believes the widespread acceptability of the Mercury Fuels Mastercard will be a great addition to flight departments worldwide. Cardholders can use the card to purchase fuel, cover airport fees and fund other flight expenses.

The Mercury Fuels MasterCard is backed by WEX Inc., a leading provider of payment processing services to the U.S. commercial and government vehicle fleet industry.

Customer service representatives are equipped to set up current and prospective Mercury Fuels customers with the new card within seven business days. Contact or call (281) 442-3000 to get started.

About Mercury Fuels: Mercury Fuels provides aviation fuels to the commercial aviation, general aviation and business jet industries. With its network of more than 1,000 fuel supply arrangements inside the U.S. and 2,000 international locations, Mercury Fuel provides comprehensive pricing and supply to all of its customers.


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