A Message from Mercury’s Chairman and CEO, Joe Czyzyk

A Message from Mercury’s Chairman and CEO, Joe Czyzyk

Fellow Employees,

After more than 34 years with Mercury, Eric Beelar, President of MercFuel Inc. retired on April 30, 2021.  Eric and I worked together for many years along with his team to build Mercury’s successful jet fuel sales business for the commercial airline industry. On behalf of Mercury, let’s extend our congratulations to Eric for his tenure and accomplishments over 34 years with Mercury and wishes for much enjoyment in his next chapter. 

It’s beginning to look like the dark winter of COVID 19 lockdowns and social distancing is easing.  In some states even the masks at work are coming off, and hopefully soon this will be true everywhere. 

But we should remain mindful though that new Corona virus infections are still occurring, and our company will continue to follow guidelines from the CDC and local health departments to contain the spread of that dreadful virus.  Our HR department will continue to update us on changes and related dates. 

You have all performed as a dedicated and successful team since the restrictions began in April 2020, more than 14 months ago, and worked tirelessly in your workplace or remotely so that our company and its related businesses would survive the pandemic.  We did, and we are stronger today than before thanks to your commitments to Mercury.

I am so very grateful to all of you. 

Looking forward to much brighter skies for our families, friends, and company ahead

Joe Czyzyk

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