New Contract for Go Cargo GSA

New Contract for Go Cargo GSA

GSA Force LogoGo Cargo GSA Project Manager Laura Diaz is excited about working with Avianca Cargo since September 2023. 

The company acts as Avianca’s GSA for cargo originating in Hong Kong and mainland China. After the cargo leaves that region and is moved with interline partners through Europe or the U.S., Avianca ships it to South America and Central America. Cargo is followed throughout the whole journey to its final destination.

Avianca has a network of more than 500 flights per week, with more than 30 destinations.

“It’s big volume of cargo we move from Asia to these destinations,” says Laura.

Later in January 2024, Go Cargo GSA started a contract with Avianca’s sister company AeroUnion in mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. This complements Avianca’s services.

Maximiliano Vicente, Go Cargo GSA and GSA Force’s Managing Partner, says "Accompanied by the Avianca and Aerounion teams, we recently traveled to Mainland China and Hong Kong to engage with customers, fortifying our relationships and enhancing our connection with both the airline and clients. The importance of moving cargo from Asia to Latin America extends far beyond transportation but also is a vital link in connecting continents, establishing business relationships, and unlocking new opportunities." 

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