The Passing of Longtime Mercury Team Member Mike Powis

The Passing of Longtime Mercury Team Member Mike Powis

May 13, 2013

Dear Team Mercury:

Mike Powis

Mike Powis is pictured at Mercury's 2012 summer picnic with
his wife Jacqueline.

It is with a heavy heart that I inform you of the passing of Mike Powis. Mike died of cancer this past weekend.

Mike was one of my first hires, when I came to Mercury to start our Cargo Division. For twenty-six years, Mike was a dedicated and loyal part of our Mercury Air Cargo team.

He was a quiet guy that always got the job done. He was a friend to all—our fellow team members and our customers enjoyed his warm personality and his knowledge of air cargo. Our 6040 Avion facility will not be the same without Mike's presence.

I understand that those who worked with Mike at Avion want to support his wife and family and are raising money to have Mike returned home to Jamaica for burial. I will match dollar for dollar the total that is raised by Mike's Mercury family.

Mike started with us as a cargo agent and rose through the ranks. He embodies the spirit of Mercury.

Please join me in thoughtful appreciation for Mike's dedicated services.

For those wanting to donate, please see your supervisor or contact Bob Mayar directly.


Joseph A. Czyzyk
Chairman & CEO

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