Pilot Program’s Amazing Growth

Pilot Program’s Amazing Growth

GSA Force LogoClaudio Silva, Managing Partner with GSA Force, is very pleased with the growth of their sales representation of JetBlue Airlines cargo. This representation went from a pilot project in 2018 with only one route between Ft. Lauderdale and San Juan to a more consolidated domestic and cargo network.

“We have had amazing growth in 2020.”

That growth has included expanding from 2 to 9 stations served and generating $500,000/month, up from $10,000/month at the beginning of the project in 2018.

GSA Force has handled cargo for JetBlue since 2018. This is when GSA Force and a group of investors approached them with the idea of not only handling cargo, but taking on all responsibilities such as handling contracts and accounting, among other tasks.

“We approach this as intensive consulting - sharing our expertise in cargo. We consult on situations such as how should they approach claims or negotiate with handlers,” says Silva.

The sales representation is building up a network for JetBlue by promoting their capacity and assembling a solid customer base. GSA Force started this program between Fort Lauderdale and San Juan, Puerto Rico with the goal of demonstrating that they could succeed in selling cargo service in the airline’s bellies without having problems with delays and safety.

Silva states, “We were very successful, so JetBlue authorized us to expand their network into new stations. 2020 has been very intense with this work; expanding to JFK, LAX, Boston, SFO, Orlando, Newark, and our first international station – the Dominican Republic.”

With their work growing JetBlue’s customer base, goods such as clothing, tropical fish, live plants and herbs, seafood, live lobsters, and auto parts are being shipped efficiently. During the challenges of the COVID pandemic, they’ve still done very well given that many restaurants and shops that would have used these commodities are closed.

Silva states that they will be looking at expanding to new stations, both domestic and international, by the end of 2020.

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