Rob Whitworth Promoted to Executive Vice President

Rob Whitworth Promoted to Executive Vice President

Rob WhitworthMercFuel is pleased to announce the promotion of Rob Whitworth to Executive Vice President. While he continues to focus on General Aviation, Whitworth also will work with MercFuel on the commercial side of the company.

Whitworth is in his 46th year working in the oil and aviation industry, is a Chemist with multiple patents, and remains excited about the opportunities facing the company.

“General Aviation is growing tremendously, and we have good prospects with commercial fueling coming down the road. We’re all very excited about the future and see many opportunities,” asserts Whitworth.

Whitworth notes that Mercury Air Group’s knowledge of the industry and the long experience held by employees is a strong benefit to their customers and allows the company to succeed as they see new opportunities. For example, as the industry faces growth due to the downward trends of COVID, this leads to increased flights, more operational details, and procedures that are changing upstream and at the airports. Facing these changes, the company doesn’t see them as hurdles as they have the experience to work in the new operational systems and modes effectively.

Whitworth says, “Everyone from the oil companies, companies involved in transshipping to the airports, and the into the wing agents of the aircraft at the airports appreciates the depth of knowledge and 60 plus year experience Mercury brings.”

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