Teamwork is All Important to Jason Bergstrom

Teamwork is All Important to Jason Bergstrom

Jason B.Jason Bergstrom, Fuel Sales Supervisor at MercFuel, observes strong parallels between his experience at the company and as a successful swim coach. To Jason, it’s all about teamwork.

“In both swimming and sales, you’re only as good as the weakest link. MercFuel has a great staff and that helps me be successful,” says Jason.

Jason joined the company in July 2015 as the main sales representative selling fuel to FBOs and managing charter fuel accounts. He had some experience in the business world as a professional swim coach and working in a start-up and wanted more formal business experience. He credits Executive Vice President Homan Asiri for seeing his inherent skills and providing him the opportunity to succeed in the company.

When asked what he is the most proud of, Jason replies, “I’m really proud of my work educating customers on how to best purchase fuels, growing our customer base, and maintaining strong relationships. And all of this works because of the team effort with our great staff.”

His focus on relationships fits well with MercFuel’s philosophy of growing the business by providing true value to the customer.

“We work hard to maintain relationships with companies by offering the service that they need and communicating to them our priority of supplying value,” says Jason.

Jason was an All-American swimmer and trained for the Olympic Trials. He still coaches private clients and a local team. He says it’s a “calling.”

About coaching, he says, “I have an ability and also the responsibility to pay it forward. I find fulfillment in doing something I love and appreciate being able to teach someone a life skill.”

Jason also credits being a dependable, trustworthy friend as what he is most proud of in his personal life. That personal attribute works well with his time at MercFuel.


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