Working at Peak Level During a Crisis

Working at Peak Level During a Crisis

U.S. military installations around the globe are on high alert during the COVID-19 crisis. For that reason, Maytag Aircraft Corporation’s staffing is at peak level, according to President and COO David Nelson.

“As our employees service the military’s aircraft, we are mission essential,” says Nelson.

The challenge at this time has been keeping everyone healthy, and so far Maytag has been successful with no employee cases of the virus. Nelson says the company started taking employees’ temperatures prior to the CDC guidelines, and added other precautions such as the use of PPE. As with many businesses, there were difficulties in procuring the PPE.

Military personnel have not been quarantined either, so Maytag staff and military personnel are working side by side as they always have.

Nelson points out, “Our staff have different levels of security clearances. If one person comes to work and infects others in the workforce, we can’t just go out to the community and quickly bring in someone to do the work. We need to have a healthy workforce to remain at peak readiness.”

As a defense contractor, the Colorado-based corporate office is deemed essential. It has remained open following CDC guidelines and with any high-risk employee working remotely.


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