Finding Opportunity in Southeast Asia

Finding Opportunity in Southeast Asia

In the last Quarter of 2019, Zack Vernikovsy, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Mercury World Cargo/Jupiter Air Services, was seeking his “next trick” as he called it by seeking out new opportunities. By the first quarter this year, his project is off the ground.

The company, under Vernikovsy’s guidance, entered into interline agreements with Viet Jet Air, Finn Air and Qatar Airways to move cargo from Vietnam via Thailand for its final destination in Europe and Africa.

Vietnam has had a strongly developing manufacturing sector. With the trade war between China and the U.S., companies around the world are seeking out different locations with the manufacturing knowhow and cheap labor costs, such as Vietnam.

Vernikovsy saw the opportunity to move this large amount of cargo from Vietnam by entering into agreements with airlines traveling to and from Southeast Asian resort areas. The wide body planes have extra cargo room as the tourists flying to these destinations bring little luggage with them.

“Looking for this link, we identified Phuket and Chiang Mai in Thailand as well as Bali in Indonesia for transit connecting airports,” says Vernikovsy, “and we entered into our agreements with Qatar and Finn Air. This is just the beginning.”

The project has met some challenges with the impact of the Coronavirus and the fact that during the Lunar New Year, much of the workforce in Asia takes time off.  Vernikovsy’s planned trip was postponed.

However, sales have started and revenue has been generated. Vernikovsy has faith that “after the storm” he will be able to develop the business and generate consistent revenue for the company. After 40 years in business, he well understands the ups and downs.

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